Sarah Bernhardt

The most famous peony

Sarah Bernhardt is by far the best known and most loved peony in the world. In fact, it’s so popular it has become the flowery face of peonies in general. Sarah Bernhardt has the same pink colour as peach blossom, a colour that makes you feel like spring has sprung.

sara bernhard is available from mid-May to the end of July from the Netherlands or France

sara bernhard from kenya is now available, but we do not find the quality good.

Duchesse de Nemours

Duchess de Nemours is the whitest peony we carry.Why is it so popular? After all, aren’t there plenty of white peonies available that are both larger and prettier than Duchesse de Nemours? Firstly, the bright white colours of the flowers make her very well suited for a bridal bouquet. Secondly, the flowers are medium-sized which let it combine easily with other peonies. And finally, the flowers have an exquisite fragrance. It’s this unique combination of characteristics that make Duchesse de Nemours wildly popular.


this beautiful white peony is available from about May 13 until the end of June, first from France and soon afterwards from the Netherlands.

Dr. Alexander Fleming

Dr. Alexander Fleming is one of the most popular peony varieties in the world. That’s not so strange considering this peony is similar to the very popular Sara Bernhard. This variety is a cross between Sarah Bernhardt and Bunker Hill which explains why they share many characteristics. The big difference lies in the colour of Dr. Alexander Fleming, which is two shades darker than Sarah Bernhardt. The two varieties are very complementary because of this colour variation.

Dr fleming is available from about 7 May to mid-July.

Coral Charm

Coral Charm is a peony variety known for its colour transformation while blooming. This transformation is a characteristic that all Coral varieties share and makes them very popular.

coral charm is now available from France until mid-July, the Dutch arrive around 13 May.


Early bloomer

Flame is one of the earliest blooming peonies in our assortment and is becoming increasingly popular. The bright colour of the striking, open flowers provide a relaxed, summery atmosphere and make Flame very suitable for a bouquet.

flame is now available until mid-June.

Shirley Temple


The peony variety Shirley Temple is a celebrity with a worldwide fanbase. A real favourite on the Dutch market, where it regularly can be found in lists of top five most traded peonies.

shirley temple is available from the end of April until the end of June.

Monsieur Jules Elie

Monsieur Jules Elie, the Pink dream

During its more than 125 years of existence, Monsieur Jules Elie has made as many fans as adversaries. It’s not the easiest peony variety to grow. This peony has stems that are often too slight to carry the huge flowers, opens very soon making it difficult to cut successfully and suffers easily from sooty mould. But it is a true veteran that, thanks to its huge flowers and beautiful colour, has a lot of admirers. A pink dream!

jules elie is available from the end of April until the end of June.

Red Charm

Red favourite

Red Charm is undoubtedly the best known and most popular red peony available. It’s also one of the earliest available double-flowered varieties of the season. The round flowers have a perfect shape and can grow to be as large as 22 cm. This peony variety has a vase life of about a week. This may seem somewhat short in comparison to lot of other varieties, but it gives this peony a certain uniqueness and…charm. Short-lived, but powerful: that’s Red Charm!

red charm is now available until mid-July.


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